COLUMN: Our flood lobbying has paid off for Boston

Mark Simmonds
Mark Simmonds

Over the last month we have seen the continued impact of flooding across the country, not just in Lincolnshire. It is terrible to see and hear about the many people affected.

Whilst there has been a focus on ensuring that there is no further devastation, officials must not be allowed to become distracted from the existing problems that many people are facing due to the flooding in December. Although the risk has been removed for the time being, the impact is still very apparent, particularly in Boston.

I was encouraged by the Prime Minister’s recent announcement of assistance for residents and business owners in flooded areas. After this announcement, I immediately contacted Number 10 to ensure that this assistance would be available to residents and business owners in my constituency.

It has been confirmed that they will be backdated to ensure support is provided to those affected by floods since December 2013. If anybody would like details of the assistance available please do contact my office.

I was also very pleased that the hard work of myself and local Councillor’s has paid off, resulting in a payment of £320,000 to Boston Borough Council to help businesses affected by flooding in the area.

A big congratulations and thank you are due to the many businesses across Boston who have worked so hard to get up and running again, The Cake Lady and Britannia pub to name just two.

I remain in contact with DEFRA, and will be meeting with the minister responsible for Flood Defence funding shortly. I will also be meeting with the Environment Agency.