COLUMN: We were so proud to perform at the Royal Albert Hall

Jade McCarthy
Jade McCarthy

Haven High Academy’s Jade McCarthy writes about about the school choir’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall...

On Wednesday, November 12, students from Haven High Academy were given the amazing opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall as a part of Music for Youth’s Schools Prom.

We were lucky last year to take part in the Music for Youth’s Massed Ensemble performing a memorial to the Dambusters and after watching some of the acts we knew that if we wanted to be successful we needed to perform something quirky and different to stand out.

After many rehearsals we competed in the Boston Regional Festival in March and got through to the National Festival in Birmingham where we competed with choirs and ensembles from all over the UK. We came away having performed at our best and got a certificate of achievement for innovation. A few months later we were contacted to be told we had been given a spot to perform our songs at The Royal Albert Hall. We were all so excited to know we’d be taking to the same stage on which legendary musicians and artists had performed.

The Royal Albert Hall was such an incredible experience for every single one of us. The minute we took to the stage for the sound check the realisation that we would be performing to 5000 people really began to set in and we started to become nervous.

It came to show time and we were all very excited and couldn’t wait to get on the stage and do what we do best.

The fact that we were stood on the stage at The Royal Albert Hall didn’t actually sink in until we started to walk on and heard the roar from the crowd. It was an incredible feeling to know that all the hard work and time we had put into the rehearsals had finally paid off and this was going to be a moment that none of us would ever forget.

Our performance was absolutely insane and the response from the crowd was so overwhelming.

We all came off so proud and relieved that it went so well. I know I can speak for every member of the choir when I say that we are all truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to do what we do and couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance of Vanessa Adams (head of music) and Josh Reed (teacher of music).

All in all a truly remarkable day and performance we will never forget.