COMMENT: Not afraid to fight for our NHS


People are not wrong to be worried about the future of Pilgrim Hospital.

Coun Sue Woolley and Coun Chris Pain (in our report of the recent county council meeting) said rumours about its future are ‘scurrilous’.

In case they had forgotten the trust itself says the whole NHS in Lincolnshire faces a deficit of £365 million.

That equates to more than three times the entire annual running cost of our hospital.

The trust is conducting a review and nothing is off the table.

This paper, and its readers, are worried about what may happen as a result. So are councillors in East Lindsey and Boston where motions have been passed in support.

Concerned staff have told us some services are already being ‘salami sliced’ away to Lincoln. The distinct lack of detail means we are all, naturally, concerned about how such a massive deficit will be addressed.

There’s nothing scurrilous in standing up and fighting for the services and jobs of our health staff. It’s a fight we’ll continue in 2015.