COUNCIL LEADER: Watch this space, riverside development could be on the way

Haven Wharf
Haven Wharf

Boston Borough Council leader Peter Bedford reveals how a prominent riverside site in Boston is being eyed up by developers...

Because we are in the very earliest stages of planning I have to say ‘watch this space’ but serious interest has been expressed to the council in developing of Haven Wharf on the river along High Street.

Parts of the building have been disused for about 20 years and this shows confidence in the Barrier scheme being delivered on time and able to do its job of flood protection. I think we are in for an exciting time ahead.

I know and understand concerns about some shop premises becoming vacant in the town. We are never complacent about this. Some will continue to trade and are moving to other premises. And two national chains are prepared to put their money into the town, showing they have confidence in Boston’s future.

Lidl has applied for permission to build a new supermarket and Pandora, a national jewellery chain, is already here.

Jewellery is a luxury purchase, but two other jewellers have big plans. Maude’s is moving to bigger premises and Wilcox and Carter is expanding and having a revamp. When businesses trading in luxury items are prepared to invest it says a lot about confidence in the future.

The council has again been recommended to accept a freeze in council tax. This will be no increase in the borough council’s portion of your council tax demand for the fourth consecutive year.

We are on target to meet our aim of £639,000 savings for 2015/16 and have presented a balanced budget and there are no proposed cuts in services. I am proud of this achievement.

The budget will soon go out for consultation – so please make sure you have your say. I am always interested to hear views and opinions, whether you agree or not.

Again, we are not complacent. We are already hard at work to achieve our targets of £480,000 savings in 2016/17 and £220,000 in 2017/18.

We are always looking beyond the horizon and beyond the taxing concerns of the immediate, so I am pleased that support has been shown for the borough to rejoin the Hanseatic League.

Boston has historic connections with the Hanse countries across the North Sea, who, in centuries past, were our main trading partners and important for the town’s booming economy. Who knows what the future may bring? There will certainly be opportunities to develop cultural and business links to boost the economy.

And new business links with the Hanseatic countries could also lead to economic prosperity.