DEPUTY EDITOR’S VIEW: Any chance of a fair funding deal for Boston?

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Deputy editor Andrew Brookes wonders if we’ll ever get a ‘fair deal’ when it comes to funding Boston...

Last week we ran a feature in which the Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick said he feared the impact of further cuts, pleading ‘just leave us alone’.

This week that call is echoed by Coun Peter Bedford - one of 119 council leaders urging George Osborne to leave them alone when it comes to more cuts.

NHS bosses here say there’s a whacking great £365million deficit looming if nothing is done - with no word yet on whether the Chancellor’s £2 billion-sized sticking plaster will cover some of that financial wound.

In light of that the Campaign for an English Parliament raises an interesting comparison between this area and Scotland.

During the referendum debate I heard Scotland’s higher share of public spending justified on the grounds that it has oil (so contributes a lot) and that it is has a largely rural nature that makes it expensive to run public services beyond the big cities.

That’s maybe fair enough but substitute oil for ‘a lot of the nation’s food’ and doesn’t the same apply here too?

Our police, hospital and council are all crying out for a better deal but is one even on the horizon?

You don’t feel confident when the Government’s major roads announcement this week included what our better financed friends above the border would call the ‘hee-haw’ for Lincolnshire.

Minister Patrick McLoughlin described it as the ‘biggest, boldest and most far-reaching roads programme for decades’ and his Lib Dem chum Danny Alexander cooed ‘world class infrastructure is vital if we are to build a stronger economy’.

Sadly, far-reaching and vital as it may be, the cash will not come here.

The county council says the money is largely for motorways and trunk roads - but maybe the places with none of those roads should be at the front of the queue to get better ones in the first place?

Even the political change being talked of sounds like it’d pass us by as big regions getting more powers surely means us getting lumped in with Nottingham, Derby, Leicester etc in the same boat with an equal lack of paddle?

Still, at least the Government has re-announced the money they’ve already promised us for the barrier eh?