FASHION AM: Everything you need for festival season

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ONLINE columnist Aimee Meade takes a look at what you’ll need to look good and survive the festival season this summer...

Summer is within our reach and this means it is time to plan for the event of the social calendar, the unpredictable British Weather and the distinct lack of showering opportunities.

Yes it is indeed festival season and its time to start planning wardrobes, accommodation and that all-important stash of baby wipes!

As a keen festivalgoer myself, here are my top 5 essentials for your weekend in the mud!

1.Denim Shorts - Predictable I know, but they really are the most versatile of festival wear; teamed with tights in the rain, barelegged in the sun.

The fact they go with almost anything means they really are a festival girl’s best friend.

I picked mine up from Topshop but H&M, Dorothy Perkins and New Look all have a vast selection. Or for the ultimate credit crunching option, simply snip the legs off an old pair of jeans.

2.The Bag - A festival bag carries all your essentials for your weekend, money, camera, hand sanitizer, hipflask and mobile phone. Therefore it needs to be a good size, secure and of course fash-tastic.

Go for either a over the body bag with lots of pockets or a back pack, there are lots of fabulous ones on the high street but if you are looking for something a little different have a gander at Eastpak’s range for Designers Against Aids

3.The ‘staying human’ essentials - The lack of showering opportunities at festivals can leave you feeling less-than-human so be sure to take the following; a stash of baby wipes, lots of hand sanitizer and dry shampoo (I’d invest in a large can, your friends are more than likely to borrow!)

4.Wellies - Always wanted to wear ‘out there’ rubber boots, well now is your chance. Whether we like it or not wellies are the British festival necessities.

My advice would be to think more cheap and chic than fork out a small fortune (Many a welly was lost at Glastonbury last year, there was even a welly graveyard!).

Have a gander in local garden centres and bargain shoe shops like Brantano for your wonderful welly-wear.

5.That all-important stand-out piece - One thing that you always tend to notice at festivals is that the fashion is all very same old same old.

Therefore take one piece that you will stand out in, whether it be a maxi dress, sequins, metallics, leather go for it.

You can pretty much get away with anything at festivals.

Happy Festival-ing Folks.