FASHION AM: They’re good enough for Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna - so are disco pants back with a vengeance?

Are disco pants back?
Are disco pants back?

Online columnist Aimee Meade looks at whether disco pants are making a big combeack...

Ladies it is time to put down that hobnob and hit the gym. Fashion’s latest must have bears no forgiveness.

Dig out your glitter, hairspray and best ‘Pink Ladies’ get-up the disco pants are back with a vengeance.

As seen on fashion front runners Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna this season’s favourite leg wear seems to be taking our wardrobes by storm.

Celeb-faves American Apparel’s 90 per cent Spandex Sparkly Disco pants are readily available online and the British high street.

They retail at £70 and are based on the original garment from the 70’s. Grazia magazine reported this week that they are in fact the best selling item at American Apparel in Britain.

So it is obvious that they have the fash-pack nod but what does the public think, are we going to be seeing disco clad pins in our local town any time soon?

Hannah, 21 from Moulton told me that she would definitely wear them and would encourage others too but does warn against the dreaded camel toe!

Katy, 22 agreed with Hannah and claimed she would give a kidney to get her hands on a pair.

But what do the men think? Ed, 21, from Holbeach is all for the them and argues that ‘everything and anything disco should be embraced.’

Daniel from Boston also agreed that ‘if worn correctly they are pretty versatile and can pull off some great looks’, however he does admit that like many things can go so wrong so quickly.

So will we be seeing these super tight disco worthy trousers in our local pubs and clubs sometime soon?

Who knows, but I am definitely going to hit the gym and comb out my afro...