LETTER: Columnist should appreciate the good work we do


I am responding to Observer’s comments about Boston in Bloom. I was saddened to see that he has no knowledge of the volunteers and the free hard work that goes into making Boston a better place in which to live.

Boston in Bloom started in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength. The borough has spent money on flora displays and grass cutting for many years, this has been in their budget, it is nothing new.

The borough council is responsible for maintaining land designated as public open space, residential public open spaces, formal parks, country parks, nature reserves, cemeteries and crematoria, closed churchyards, memorial grounds, sports fields, recreation grounds and play areas. A huge task.

We are helping them. We grow plants. We attract sponsors. We have no income from anyone, everything we have done has been through volunteering effort, in partnership. I dream of having the £18,000 mentioned as a possible cost cutting measure. This is not spent on Bloom.

The Bloom teams focus on areas that have been neglected in these budget slashing times.

Look at Custom House Quay, that didn’t cost the borough a penny. Look at John Adams Way where we removed tons of litter. Look at Narrow Bargate, where local businesses and organisations are involved.

Our litter pickers are second to none, a brilliant team. We have just two-and-a-half hours to take the RHS judges around town. They ask to see areas again the following year to track improvements.

We are working in areas that Observer wouldn’t notice, all year round. Come out with us bulb planting, litter picking, weeding in the freezing rain and wind. We work with allotments holders, Greenscapers, Witham Way Country Park, Thistles Nursery, schools, older people, gardening clubs and heritage gardeners.

It is people power that runs Bloom, not an Observer in an ivory tower. It is a partnership, appreciate it.

Alison Fairman

Chairman Boston in Bloom