MONICA MAKES SENSE: Don’t let all our public toilets go down pan!


Our new columnist has a soap box...and she isn’t afraid to use it

Spending a penny is going to be a little bit more difficult in future with the news that public loos are in decline.

The British Toilet Association has estimated a 40 per cent drop in the number of public toilets across the UK, with older people’s charities saying that the cuts have had a big impact on the elderly and disabled, who they claim, can be afraid to leave their homes in case they are caught short while out.

The British Cleaning Council has awarded a £10,000 grant to the British Toilet Association to support development of a UK Toilet Map for iPhone and Android platforms.

My husband, when working, was a bit of an expert on public loos. Not that he spent any more time than he had to in them, you understand. Supermarkets have always been a lifesaver, as have fast food restaurants and department stores, but it’s not like the old days when there seemed to be a public loo on every corner.

Toilets are actually quite a fascinating subject, unless you’re desperate to find one, and there is actually a World Toilet Day in November – on the 19th. Not sure what you do to mark it!

Apparently we visit the toilet between six and eight times each day, which is 2,500 times a year, accounting for three years of our life.

Seventy per cent of all domestic arguments are about the bathroom. Not, I think, about the colour of the tiles, but about putting the toilet seat down, the top on the toothpaste and inserting a new toilet roll.

A US study (which seems to me to be a pretty useless way to waste money) on whether people had the flat part of the toilet paper at the front or the back of the holder, found that only one in every four people put it at the back. So that makes us all feel much better!

Sometimes we call toilets almost anything except toilets – loo, lav, WC, restroom, bathroom, latrine, and the ancient Egyptians called theirs ‘House of the Morning!’

Given that a 1992 survey voted British public toilets the worst in the world, perhaps we should make sure that those we do have left are maintained to the highest possible standards, making them a joy to visit!