More of living off the Lincoln crumbs


Well, the people have voted; or have they? The county council elections have given the ‘blues’ more or less a complete mandate to do whatever they like in the county and with Bostonians taking to the polls in their hordes (about 30%) it seems that despite getting very little service from Lincoln, no one really cares.

And why should they? As I mentioned last week, out of six candidates in my ward only one bothered to let me have any details and what was provided was more a manifesto for a general election rather than a county council. So for only the second time in my life I decided not to give anyone a vote. Why should I, if they can’t be bothered to let me know who they are, what they propose, and why they are standing?

There was an interesting discussion on local radio a couple of days before the county election. Representatives from all the main parties were giving their responses to questions from listeners, with the county leader Martin Hill speaking on behalf of the (still) ruling party. Almost every response from him explained what they were doing about the subject ‘in Lincoln’ until eventually one of the others politely pointed out that the election was for a LincolnSHIRE county council, not a Lincoln council.

This has been the problem for far too long, and it now appears that it will continue. No matter how much other parts of the county pay in council tax Lincoln will always get what it needs and the rest will get the crumbs – if any are left!

A friend was telling me his next-door neighbour had commented he agreed with whoever wrote the Observer column that ‘the sooner we got back to having Holland County Council the better for us’. Nice to know that that person now joins my other reader!

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