MP: Positive news for the country


MP Mark Simmonds pens his latest column...

This month has seen some positive news for Britain. Our economy has grown by 0.6 per cent and unemployment is steadily decreasing with employment up by 69,000.

However, we must not forget that times are still tough for many individuals and families across the country.

The Government is committed to ensuring that hardworking people are not penalised financially for a situation which is not their fault.

We have cut income tax for 25 million people, taking 2.7 million out of income tax altogether. By 2014 most families will have seen a tax cut of £700. We are also offering support to local council’s to freeze Council Tax for the third year running.

Household budgets are severely stretched but it is a relief to many families that interest rates remain low, meaning mortgages are still affordable, and the fuel tax has been cancelled for the second year in a row, meaning fuel prices remain affordable.

I appreciate times are hard for many families at the moment, but we are committed to putting fairness at the heart of its policies while ensuring Britain is equipped to succeed in the global race.

When the Coalition came to power we had a budget deficit of £155.8 billion, this has now been reduced by one third, proving that we are on the right track to economic stability.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those in Boston & Skegness who have received their A-level results. I hope all the hard work paid off.