MP’S VIEWPOINT: Working to tackle anti-social behaviour

Mark Simmonds
Mark Simmonds

This week’s column comes from Westminster, with Boston MP Mark Simmonds writing about anti-social behaviour in the town...

Over the past few months, one of the main concerns that Boston residents have consistently raised with me is anti-social behaviour. Indeed there are areas where it would be impossible to ignore the effects of irresponsible behaviour, including drinking and littering, which upsets so many communities. Knowing how this issue affects our area I have welcomed the measures announced in the Queen’s Speech aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour and giving power back to communities.

The Government are proposing to replace and condense the 19 existing powers dealing with anti-social behaviour into six more effective powers. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Bill will provide new powers for police, councils and housing providers to combat anti-social individuals, anti-social behaviour in public places and issues that affect communities’ quality of life.

Having met with our Police and Crime Commissioner recently, I know that Lincolnshire Police Force are all too aware of the challenges that anti-social behaviour presents. However, many local people who I speak to believe that nothing is being done. We must all work together to unite the community of Boston and take pride in our area.

I have written to Jeremy Browne MP, Minister of State at the Home Office, to ask how these new powers will work in practice. I will then be communicating with Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire Police with his response. I would also like to urge constituents to continue to contact me with examples of anti-social behaviour so that I can evidence the impact of this issue.