MP: We need the right funding for Boston

Mark Simmonds
Mark Simmonds
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Boston MP Mark Simmonds pens his latest column...

I was delighted to welcome Brandon Lewis MP, Minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government, to Boston on September 9.

I invited Brandon to visit Boston, meet with Boston borough councillors and other service providers, to see the challenges that local residents are facing firsthand.

The visit was a great opportunity for councillors, Mayflower Housing, and health and education representatives to sit round a table with me, their local MP, and a government minister, and discuss the issues that are relevant to the people of Boston.

It is no secret that the rapid population increase in Boston, mostly through economic migration, has placed pressure on our local services.

Our schools, hospitals, police and transport services are all under strain from the underestimated population they serve.

I have long argued that our population must be correctly recognised in the funding allocation from central government.

We are not asking for special treatment, merely the correct funding for the population that lives here.

The minister has asked the council and other organisations present at the meeting to submit evidence that the population estimate for Boston is incorrect.

We need to ensure we use all the tools available to deliver the best possible services to the people of Boston.