OBSERVER: A few more ‘observations’ I will make on the PRSA


When all else fails you can rely on the Princess Royal Sports Arena to still hit the headlines!

We certainly appear to have ruffled yet more feathers with our latest observations on the venue and its ‘history’.

It is a great asset, says one letter writer to The Standard, pointing out that ‘hundreds of our young people’ visit over the weekend.

No doubt they do, no question about that.

They pick out one activity in particular – the rugby club, with their 11 teams.

It has been said before that particular club is certainly benefiting more than most from the facilities on offer; it’s just a problem for many people that it appears to be the taxpayers who are lending them a helping hand.

Perhaps it should also be pointed out that Boston United also have a community programme which, I believe, can claim certainly more than 11 teams of various types.

They don’t benefit from a similar injection of money from the taxpayer.

They are not a native Bostonian, they say; well some of us are Boston born and bred and the reason we ‘criticise’ is because we hate to see the town in the state it is at present.

Much of the money going to the Princess Royal Sports Arena could have done so much for the whole town.

Mr Elkington asks ‘how many of us actually read what the Observer writes’.

Well, sir, according to at least two of your own councillors there are at least just over 300, as apparently all the council staff are ‘upset’ by the writings of Observer. The current borough council is, he claims, ‘one of the best run in the country’; so pleased I don’t live in some of the others then!

I agree we are all Bostonians at heart: it’s just a pity that our criticisms are taken to mean we hate the place.

Anything but – those criticisms are because we don’t like the way it’s going.

And is he really saying only a council run by a political party (his, presumably) is the only one that would work?