OBSERVER: All that lobbying came to absolutely nothing for us


Over the past few months we have had numerous reports from the borough on all sorts of subjects; one of the biggest and most comprehensive was the Task and Finish Group’s findings about the issues caused by the influx of migrants into the area and the fact that it appears the official population of the town is quite a bit bigger than we are led to believe from the census report.

Our MP has had discussions with ministers and there’s even been a delegation down to Westminster to push our cause. And we have been assured that note has been taken of all our concerns.

Most recently a letter has been sent to the Home Secretary by the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner pointing out that the county’s police service is almost at breaking point, although it has been praised for the fact that it ‘does more with less’.

The result of all this? The police budget is to be cut be a further £3 million and the borough council is to have a further cut of 6.4 per cent in its government allowance!

So it appears that all this lobbying and letters have had the final result of absolutely nothing. It all comes on the heels of the latest borough decision regarding the drinking ban, which is to be ‘policed’ by the police – even less likely now than before? – and the fact that our population is vastly understated has been completely ignored.

We are told no more money is available: I’ll probably be criticised for this, but can we not add a little more to our own borough council tax bill to tidy up the town: apparently we can add up to two per cent without risk of losing the government grant - this may well be worth considering?

Sorry to be so political this week, but I think it has to be said.

Meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas (as much as you can any way!) and all the best for the New Year.