OBSERVER: At least we know they work so hard


I see we’re back to the Care Quality Commission report criticising Pilgrim Hospital and telling them, once again, they are ’inadequate’ although of the five areas quoted only two had this designation. Overall the CQC has put the Lincolnshire Trust into special measures.

It was interesting to read that there was an unannounced inspection on December 19. So, in the middle of winter, with more people going to A&E than is probably usual, the commission deem it necessary to again put Pilgrim into people’s perception of what is going on. If anything upsets patients, or prospective patients, more than anything it must be to read that the hospital is considered ‘inadequate’.

It doesn’t seem that the CQC take into account the fact that the department is in the middle of an area where the population is vastly in excess to that which is claimed.

Do they take into account, also, that like every other NHS hospital apparently, Pilgrim is also struggling along having to make cuts everywhere with the consequent results?

The NHS nationally is in everyone’s mind at the moment; we can do our part here in Boston by showing support for the staff at Pilgrim and the hard work we know they do.

I noticed the volunteer litter pickers out in the streets one day last week and applaud them for the work they do in keeping our town clean.

At the same time I hope the people who just dump their litter regardless will take note and decide to take their rubbish home. It also reflects badly on our council who still charge ratepayers for a service they no longer provide but still seem to take ‘pride’ in congratulating the volunteers for doing something which should be provided by them.