OBSERVER: BID services should be provided by the council


The feature on the BID election seemed to raise more questions than answers I believe.

It does seem rather strange that the money to run the organisation is collected by the council and then passed on for BID to do its business – which appears to my understanding, something which the council should be doing.

Making Boston safer, better promoted, more attractive, a place to be proud of, and a better place for business are all things which, in the past, have always been part of council business. Instead of passing the levy on to the BID (and £130,000 of the expected £817,000 is on staff costs) why doesn’t the council actually give the impression of doing something other than cut services and they actually spend the whole of the levy on promoting the town? The impression is that they can’t be bothered ‘so we will let someone else do it’.

There certainly seems to be several businesses not in favour but, I suspect BID will be re-elected. That is, of course, unless more businesses actually decide to vote NO.

* I wonder if I can get the Editor to ‘blow up’ the letter from Ms Marion Felsmann in last week’s paper and present a framed version to the council to hang in the reception area, preferably in a place where every councillor will read it as they enter West Street?

Perhaps they have already read it – but I won’t hold my breath they will take any notice. The truth always hurts!

* You will probably be aware I’m not a big fan of our council: there’s only a few who I really have time for (although they’ve all obviously been voted in) but a former colleague tells me this week of one councillor who definitely has her constituents in her mind.

Step forward Coun Carol Taylor, who apparently has been following up a complaint from a couple regarding the so-called ‘cycle lanes’ in Robin Hoods Walk and is hopeful of getting something done. Things can get done if you’re interested enough.