OBSERVER: Boston attracting the wrong sort of attention


We’re in the news for all the wrong reasons again – apparently!

First we hear Boston has been nominated for ‘Crap Towns Returns’ which allegedly features towns which are exactly what the title says.

We are in the company of some other well-known towns, including York and Stratford-on-Avon, so to be compared with those is, I suppose, something we should actually be proud of.

However, let’s take comfort in the knowledge that this nomination is probably nothing more than good PR for the author and publisher.

True, the town could be better but it’s only as good as what is put into it and at the moment no-one seems to be doing anything to improve it or attract visitors.

We have a lot going for us. All the main points have been mentioned already but until either the borough or the county decide to do something about all the complaints made in recent months and years we will continue to get nominations for what some people perceive – that word again – the town is like.

As usual it boils down to money, but isn’t it amazing that some councils can seem to find small amounts of money to improve their ratepayers’ lot – just not here? I

t wasn’t me that made the nomination, by the way!

The Pilgrim also hit the news again for all the wrong reasons. But when you look at the detail it boils down to a ‘hit squad’ being sent in to ensure improvements are made.

All well and good; this will mean, no doubt, a few more pen pushers and their staffs coming in with yet more forms to be filled in and then a report produced saying what should be done.

At what cost? Mind you, there’s no additional money available for more nurses, doctors and so on, the people who the hospital rely on and who usually are the ones getting the blame for the problems.

Perhaps the ‘hit squad’ could start at the top where all the decisions are made? And should not members of the Trust actually be people who have medical experience?