OBSERVER: Business as usual? Someone help, please


After all the doom and despondency over the past few months and years about the future of Pilgrim Hospital’s maternity and A&E departments, the news that the ULHT has announced a contract for ‘major and minor works’ over the next year at the site should be welcomed by all residents in the area.

Perhaps this was something always planned but may we hope just a little bit that at last the views of the local community about the importance of the maternity wards have been listened to and acted on? The suggestion that this service in particular might be moved to Lincoln was met with dismay; many pointed out the distance expectant mothers would be expected to travel and with the population of the immediate area growing considerably hardly anyone had a good word to say about the proposal. Hopefully this latest announcement will put to rest once and for all the suggestion that hospital services will be moved.

Smaller works are also to be carried out as part of a county-wide £25m investment, so we can now perhaps have fewer complaints and scaremongering about what is and isn’t going to happen at the site.

Following on from the recent borough council election, the expected announcement that it will be ‘business as usual’ down West Street has finally been made. Coun Bedford is confirmed as our leader for another four years and the rest of the cabinet – all Conservative, of course – have also been announced.

Of course it might have been a different cabinet were it not for the agreement of two Independents to join the ‘coalition’ thus giving a majority party. In the meantime, there is no place for not even one of the 12 UKIP councillors. But so long as the Blue skies shine over Boston we have nothing to worry about, do we?

We are reminded that the old/new council have a “strong track record of delivery … we can be proud of what we have achieved … the borough council will continue to work in the best interests of the community.”

No doubt the next four years will see a continuation of what we have had in the past.