OBSERVER: Butterfly Hospice, mayor praise and railways


Three items from last week are worthy of a short comment.

First, The Butterfly Hospice: at last, after so many years of fundraising and, apparently, more than enough red tape the hospice is due to fully open. Now that they have received the money they can get on and do the work that so many people have been hoping and praying for.

It’s a sad indictment of the NHS that this type of work has to be done by charities and volunteers; the latter can now carry on with the knowledge that after so many years of wondering whether the place would actually fully open or not their efforts have not been in vain. Everyone in the town will be pleased with the news.

Second, Coun Paul Kenny and his wife have finished their mayoral term – and what a year they have had! The town has been lucky to have Paul as Mayor; he may not be a born and bred Bostonian but he loves the town. It’s a long, long while since our ‘figurehead’ has been so visible in the town, attending functions with good humour and nothing seemingly too much trouble.

He will be well remembered for his actions during the December floods and just showed what a town mayor is supposed to be: here, there and everywhere and keeping his finger on what was happening. No disrespect to the new incumbent but it’s a very hard act to follow.

Third, is the news that rail bosses have decided not to improve the train service between here and Lincoln as ‘there is no evidence of a demand for a better link’. A quick look at the train ticket internet sites shows that the return fare is £16! Perhaps if the fares were a little cheaper more people would be prepared to travel on the train; but of course we have to remember everything is franchised these days and profits have to be made.

Finally, my friend Coun Carol Taylor takes me to task over my recent comment about councillors and parking charges: the comment arose from a tip-off from someone at the meeting to a colleague, so perhaps she can work it out from that!