OBSERVER: Bypassed again...and not in the way we want


There was much ‘self congratulation’ going on last week with the government’s news that they were to put millions of pounds into Boston’s proposed flood barrier, amongst several other schemes designed to prevent flooding.

No doubt many people living outside the area would be thinking ‘lucky Boston’; but wasn’t this all old news?

It was announced several years ago that it was hoped to build this barrier; then, I think only last year, it was definitely announced, and only a few weeks ago a model was on display locally.

This was anything but new ‘news’ so why make such fuss? As for it being fast tracked: the date for it coming into operation doesn’t appear to have changed so why make such a song and dance about it? We must be coming up to a General Election!

In addition to this there was also quite an important announcement regarding the billions of pounds to be spent on updating our roads system. Somewhere along the way I seem to have missed any news about Lincolnshire getting any of this largesse. Of course, once again, we are forgotten about. We in this area (at the moment!) have few marginal seats to defend although that may change.

I noticed in one national paper a story about the A47 being upgraded towards Norwich and beyond. It would help speed lorries taking produce to the east coast towns from the South Holland area. Just in case no one had noticed, doesn’t the bulk of that produce actually come from east Lincolnshire?

So Lincolnshire, not surprisingly, has missed out again. Apart, of course, from the Lincoln east bypass (known about for the past couple of years at least). It seems wrong that the county, as a whole, suffers from the lack of money into the area.

Perhaps our local councils will take note of the group which asks that we be put on the same footing as Scotland - indeedthe borough leader already seems to have made that call . It appears government – of any hue – is only interested in keeping other parts of the UK happy.