OBSERVER: Central Park should be cherished


A recent letter raising concerns about Central Park has led to yet more response and rightly so.

Those of us of a certain age will remember the park from our younger days when Bank Holidays and weekends led to much enjoyment for families and spectators watching the cricket matches and tennis. Not anymore.

Over the years we have seen the demise of the cricket and in more recent years the hard court tennis area; overall, thanks to cuts and what some see as just pure disinterest from the council, it has become an eyesore, despite the best efforts of the park employees who are obviously doing what they can with their limited resources and should not be criticised.

Its present condition is more likely to discourage people from using it and it’s easy to see why. Previous letters have drawn attention to the consistent drinking and drunkenness (on occasion) so is it any wonder that residents are calling for something to be done about it? But, of course, it all comes down to money – it just isn’t there.

Successive councils have to take their share of the responsibility for this, but it seems that no thought was ever given to keeping the park in good condition. It is something which should have been cherished; how many similar sized towns can boast having such an area in the centre of their town? An area where nothing happens.

It hasn’t always been like that: many residents will remember that within the past 40-or-so years we have had trade fairs there and Silver Jubilee parties and events. Party in the Park always used to be a popular attraction but these days health and safety concerns seem to have banished that forever.

Something should be done to improve the area and use it more often. Surely it won’t go the same way as all the town’s other assets – sold off to raise money which is then wasted.