Observer: Christmas cheer...where are you?

DO YOU think the Market Place work has put a dampener on the town this Christmas?

The reason I ask is that there seemed to be no atmosphere at all in the town last Wednesday and Saturday and there was only really a week to go before we get to celebrate.

There certainly didn’t appear to be so many people about; I know there’s a recession and not much money available to spend but usually there’s always a bit of a ‘buzz’ about and this year there seemed to be nothing.

Anyone visiting Boston for the first time must be wondering why we have a building site in the middle of the town surrounded by Christmas lights, and I noticed a couple of evenings this week even the Stump was not lit up to at least give the impression of Christmas cheer.

Hopefully when the work is completed we shall all see the benefit(?) and we can look forward to a brighter festive season next year.

The news that Cancer Research has decided not to organise their Race for Life in Boston because not enough money was raised (only £80,000!) begs the question are charities getting a little greedy?

Some local charities would be delighted if a local event raised that amount of money for their funds but it seems the large national concerns expect even more.

Just a suggestion – why don’t our local charities get together and organise their own Race for Life and split the proceeds?

A couple of comments on letters sent in last week. A former council leader suggests we should donate more to the Stump and explains why the borough council can’t do more because of ‘stringent’ government cuts: could the council not consider switching the money from the PRSA to the Stump? It will be there long after the PRSA has gone.

And S. Friedman’s suggestion about voting other than Tory in this area might get us some attention: possible, but highly unlikely. There’s as much chance of us returning anything other than a Tory candidate as there is of me winning the Euromillions!

Despite everything, have a Merry Christmas!