OBSERVER COLUMN: Let’s build on this marathon success


It was pleasing to see the Boston Marathon was a success and let’s hope the next one will attract a few more runners. Of course, with just over 300 runners, it wasn’t as big as the annual seabank marathon we used to have when there were sometimes more than 1,000 taking part but at least it’s a start.

Thankfully, we didn’t have any claims that this would put Boston ‘on the map’ in the future! Too often in the past we’ve had claims that various initiatives would do this and unfortunately very few, if any, have come to pass. For example, we’ve had claims about the Red Lion Street development, the West Street development, and a marina about a mile outside the town on the Witham, all going to put the town ‘on the map’ and yet nothing seems to have happened.

The ideas were great, the artists’ impressions looked wonderful – yet none came to pass. And we shouldn’t forget the promised waterside walk from the Town Bridge to the Boston Barrier. Already there are rumours that the Barrier plans might be scaled back a bit and that the water level might not be held at the same height all the time – a necessary item for a waterside walk and the anticipated influx of motor boats etc. The only thing which we seem to have actually seen happen as ‘planned’ is the Market Place redevelopment – the one thing which most people in the town wish hadn’t taken place!

You’ve probably read or heard about the local council down south which is proposing to charge people using their local park for events, to offset the cost of any repairs to the paths etc. Local TV news reports also that Hull might do similar, so I wonder if our representatives will decide to jump on the bandwagon and do the same. But there might be a slight twist here: perhaps they will charge us to actually enter the park and then use the income to tidy it up a little. I wouldn’t object to a small charge if the area could be put back to what it used to look like before it became a victim of our cuts!