OBSERVER: Concerned by what I read about Pilgrim


Once again we are reading reports about the possibility of A&E departments and maternity services at Pilgrim Hospital being changed in the future. The possibility of the A&E being ‘downgraded’ and urgent cases sent to Lincoln should fill all of us with a sense of foreboding. It’s all very well coming up with these suggestions but has anyone in authority actually been to see the road structure in Lincolnshire?

I remember being at a meeting several years ago at Haven High school regarding the chances of Boston getting a bypass. A member of the medical team at that time was quite concerned that if traffic got any worse an ambulance would be held up on its way to Pilgrim with very dire consequences.

We only have to look at the road conditions of the past few weeks – months, even – to see that anyone needing urgent help from the south of Boston would see a journey being put under continual threat because of the roadworks. It’s already been accepted that we have more people living in the area than official figures show: if the county NHS makes any decisions based on the ‘official’ figures then we have a problem.

And there’s the possibility that roads could get even more congested if we continue to see a steady increase in the number of people coming to this area for land work. I know I would dread the thought of having one of my nearest and dearest being rushed(?) to Lincoln to get urgent attention.

We are a rural county with roads in some places being absolutely unfitted to having two-way traffic passing in safety. Until such time as roads, and transport facilities in general, are improved there should not be any talk at all of ‘downgrading’ the services we receive from Pilgrim. Figures quoted in last week’s story show an increase in A&E admissions and inpatient numbers; with these to rise even more, even thinking of changing should be resisted by everyone.