OBSERVER: Could Boston do better when it comes to tourism?

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I often wonder if the town ever does enough publicity for itself and the letter from Judy Cammack last week (Tale of the two Bostons) concerning the history of the two reminded me of a recent visit to a small town not a million miles away.

It has a cathedral – that should be a good clue – and buildings similar to ours but what I was struck by was the number of local books available in their bookshops.

There were a good number of course about the cathedral but in addition there were a number of books about the local area in general, say within 20 miles or so.

I am aware there are a small number of books available here in Boston but I wonder if someone shouldn’t perhaps put together a history of the immediate area. After all, we certainly have a history from the Second World War and the number of forces bases in the immediate area and I know some villages have put together details about their own locality.

We are told we have a tourist industry but do we actually make enough of it as we should? Recent development plans hopefully will, in the near future, lead to an increase of visitors but if they don’t have local information to hand they may be at a loss to know where to go; I don’t include visits to Skegness etc but visits round about our area.

If you really look around Boston there are still some really nice old buildings about, and even some of the more recent ones have a little history to them; let’s not forget that the dance hall, for example, is well remembered by many non-Bostonians from the Sixties and Seventies and beyond and is still talked about today.

Everyone knows about the Stump, but there are other old buildings in the town where, if you were to lift your eyes, you would see above the alterations made to the ground-floor and see what is above.

Come to that, why not organise a proper heritage trail? Surely we could find some local knowledgeable volunteers willing to give a short talk and take small groups of people round the town, pointing out the relevant parts?