OBSERVER: Council leader raised some interesting questions

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

I always find the Viewpoint column interesting and last week’s, from council leader Peter Bedford, was no exception.

There is much of what he says to be applauded. However, I have to take issue with him on some points.

The new brown signs indicating what Boston has to offer have to be welcomed. Compared to some towns we do have a little more history to be proud of, notably the Pilgrim Fathers connection and the Guildhall. But why is the latter not open all the time? After all, it provides a home for the Tourist Information counter; not really a lot of good if people visit when it’s not open, especially in summer months.

And motorists won’t ‘come into town rather than round it’ because of the new signs: they have no option but to come through town as there’s no bypass.

News that CCTV is to be improved is also to be welcomed; I believe it has shown its worth.

It is to be regretted that it’s felt necessary to do this but fully understandable and no-one should have fears about Big Brother – if you don’t cause trouble you have no fears!

Two things with which I don’t agree are his comments about the Market Place and the PRSA (again!).

I wonder if he could give a list of some of the ‘many’ people who like the Market Place’s ‘open aspect’?

No-one I’ve spoken with accepts the way the Market Place has become.

In the vast majority of cases, it appears, motorists don’t know where they should be, mainly because there’s nothing telling them.

I would also dispute that the Market Place has returned to its ‘traditional’ layout – far from it!

I’ve always known it to be full of stalls on market days (despite what is claimed, there are definitely fewer stalls now) and cars on other days.

As for the PRSA – another £88,000 ‘donated’ and up to £200,000 in repairs? Not over by any stretch of the imagination.