OBSERVER: Council’s figures don’t make great reading do they?


On a number of occasions in the past I have said there appear to be fewer stalls on market days than before the ‘refurbishment’; that many are dissatisfied with the Market Place and no-one seems to know where they should be – pedestrians, cyclists or drivers – and that many are not happy with the way our council acts (or doesn’t!) And, quick as a flash, our council ‘leaders’ and portfolio holders have replied that I am talking rubbish.

I therefore have great pleasure in referring said officials to their own cabinet report - Quarter 4 Report, Performance, Finance and Risk – which tells us, among other things in 76 pages that market occupancy is down to 84.47% compared to a target of 92%.

This is believed to be due to rainfall in January and February so I presume the empty stalls and spaces I saw last Wednesday were due to the fact the sun was shining! In addition 30% more are dissatisfied with the town centre.

More than 26,000 fewer car park tickets were sold in 2013-14, with an income £88,000 below budget – nice one, councillors!

But to show I’m not being ‘negative’ 11% more are satisfied with the council and there is an increase of 71% in approval of the market (doesn’t seem to really tie in with the last comment) and there is an increase of 54% in satisfaction with public toilets.

Must be those using the grass verges and alleyways.

The figures are taken from the council’s Have Your Say survey but we are given no indication of how many actually filled in the survey.

If we did know, we may have a more accurate indication of what people think!

○Tony Goor’s letter re the town’s traffic problems should be forwarded to every county councillor so they are aware of what the reality is here.

It’s all very well them saying their ‘surveys’ show the problems are a myth, but while we have a (Conservative-led) borough council who do not wish to pressure their masters we are not going to get anywhere.

If the county don’t want it, we don’t get it – simples!