OBSERVER: Council tax doesn’t have to be taxing


Well, its obvious Coun Bedford and I are not going to agree!

My suggestion that there should be a one per cent increase in council tax is rejected as it would gain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXTRA (his capitals, not mine).

That one per cent, he says, is equivalent to the £29,000 the council receives from government for not putting the rate up. And two per cent would mean they would lose the government grant, leaving us with just £29,000 more – which would be more than now anyway.

The trouble is the council finances are dressed up in such an incomprehensible way that none of us can properly weigh up what £29,000 more would buy.

If it was put, in plain English, what that would bring to Boston we could tell the council our actual view on the ‘consultation’ and whether we’d put our hands in our pockets to help them rake in another £29,000 to fund that extra service.

At the moment it is presented as ‘do you want a frozen bill?’ Of course we do, but not if it leaves nothing to be spent on the town as a result and is only done to sound good on the election leaflets.

This is the fourth year in a row without a tax increase, he announces.

Councillors and staff have the same experiences as us, proving, he says, ‘we ‘really are all in it together’.

The council did not take the easy option, he goes on, and ‘with the support of loyal and hard-working staff’ they are doing more with less.

Would that be the same staff who have just been told they will be dismissed if they don’t accept the new terms and conditions of employment and re-employed on lesser terms, despite many already having made a temporary cut.

Will councillors be giving up some of their allowances to show support?

Sooner or later some money is going to have to be spent on this town and if (some) councillors actually looked round the town they would realise it needs spending sooner.