OBSERVER: Do road passing points even work?


One of our local MPs (John Hayes, transport minister) has come up with the idea of ‘passing places’ to help traffic get past slow-moving vehicles on our main roads.

All well and good, but since we already have some of these on the main road to Skegness (and other similar roads) and very few appear to be used, perhaps he ought to rethink his suggestion?

On several occasions in the past 12 months I have been held up by (mainly) tractors on the Skegness road and they have merrily gone straight past these ‘passing places’ with little or no inclination to use them.

Would it not be a better idea to actually widen some of these roads in some areas to allow traffic to move more quickly?

That, of course, would mean some farmers having to give up parts of their land so perhaps it’s already a non-starter?