OBSERVER: Election, Quadrant, cash in reserve


Over recent weeks there has been mention of MP Mark Simmonds on both the letters page and on the Standard website: many have noted that he has been seen rarely in the town and commenting that he seems more occupied with his Foreign Office job than with representing the constituency.

There is to be an election next year and, true to form, almost every MP is being seen more regularly than perhaps usual, and Mr Simmonds has not disappointed his followers. In the meantime UKIP’s Neil Hamilton has advised that Mr Simmonds “spend less time in central Africa and more time in Boston.” A Standard letter re Mr Hamilton ends with the comment that Boston does not need a “celebrity troupe with no connection to Boston whatsoever.” And what connection did Mr Simmonds have before he descended on the town?

○The Quadrant saga moved on, with local businesses commenting on a report prepared for the developers at a meeting in the Assembly Rooms. It was interesting to see the comments of Matt Clark, owner of the venue, who seemed to pour scorn on the report’s findings on bars, restaurants and premises.

“Incorrect,” he said, pointing out “there’s not a huge demand for leisure anymore in this town.” So apparently he isn’t counting the premises he owns in the town, together with the several night clubs and other pubs and restaurants available. Has he not noticed that the Gliderdrome is regularly pulling in crowds of up to 1,000 for some of its shows; and by all accounts the vast majority of those are younger people?

○Finally, I have to come back to my favourite people in West Street. A few weeks ago I commented on the annual report but failed to notice one thing – it was, after all, quite a dull report. But I now see reported that the amount held ‘in reserve’ by our leaders is up from £7.3m to £9.8m! I always thought money was held in reserve for times of need – perhaps they haven’t noticed this at the ivory tower. May I suggest they spend a few bob and try to get the town looking cleaner, at least?