OBSERVER: Fear for future of town if county takes control

BOSTON residents: be aware, be very aware!

Watching a late Look North last week I was amazed to hear the leader of Lincolnshire County Council being interviewed about the latest ‘idea’ of our Lincoln leaders – that they should take over the running of the whole county from the present five authorities!

Apparently this was being done successfully in Cornwall and he saw no reason why it should not be replicated in Lincolnshire, as it would lead to decreased costs (oh yeah?).

Well, Lincolnshire is a lot bigger than Cornwall for a start; just think how big the council would be if this were to happen – or is he looking at the possibility that present county councillors would remain and that would be it, with no representation from the five other authorities?

There were interesting comments from the (few) people interviewed in the street: a Lincoln resident thought it a good idea as it could lead to extra money being available (and we all know where it would go!), while a gentleman from Caistor was not in favour at all (‘Lincoln get enough money as it is, without any more going there’ – so we’re not the only ones thinking that, then?)

As I say, Boston people should be very aware. We all know that if Lincoln suggests it our council usually follow on meekly behind, agreeing to everything. If the suggestion ever gets to the consultation stage – and let’s hope that for once the council tells us about it through the press, not through their website, where they usually announce things like that – the town must take notice and do something about it.

I see Mrs Newell agrees with me for once – almost! But I question her comment about the elderly and disabled carrying heavy bags: they did it before the buses went through, and it certainly doesn’t seem to affect them when they walk round the shops. And there wouldn’t be ice underfoot if the council gritted the area.

Finally: what a letdown for Boston Sausage on the ITV programme last week. Long interviews with apple producers in Kent and a farm shop owner up north – but for Boston Sausage? A mention at the market, from behind the stall, that the sausages were to be used – but no interview! All over in less than 10 seconds.