OBSERVER: Gardeners let down by fly-tippers and vandals


That time of the year has arrived which sees gardeners cleaning their implements, setting seeds, getting their lawns cut and generally getting ready for summer.

It’s always pleasing to see so many well kept gardens in the town and at the same time regret that, thankfully so few, some don’t seem to have the same pride taken on them.

It also seems to be the time for so much fly-tipping to be done: and I must stress here that I’m not trying to say such fly-tipping is done by the gardeners – far from it! And it’s not just in the town. I saw the report last week about the vandalism in Donington. Two words describe that: absolutely disgusting.

How can the culprits decide that they want to spoil what is, apparently, a well used attraction in the village and upset so many people by their actions? It is to be hoped that they are soon found and brought to justice – perhaps a dose of hard work rectifying the damage they have done might find more useful work for their hands that what they have been used for already.

And what is it that gives some people the right to feel they can just dump their unwanted rubbish in our streets. In recent weeks I have seen several items, including TVs, dumped in some very open and well-used spaces. One was on display for all to see in Norfolk Street for several days and another even turned up at the side of the park.

Finally, much was recently made locally about the ‘booze ban’ imposed on the centre of Boston. I presumed the ban was already in operation following a news item about the number of people being stopped. But I wonder if, after the initial euphoria about the ban, all has now been forgotten. The reason I ask: at least seven men in the park recently, all drinking from cans. In view of the high class CCTV system we now have, and the fact that a camera is near the park gates, is nothing seen on the screens?