Observer: Has anybody missed the weekend buses?

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I MAKE no apology for returning to the question of buses running through the precinct and wonder whether it is now time to stop them altogether.

The reason I ask is that since the work started on the Market Place ‘rejuvenation’ the Wednesday and Saturday market has been transferred to Wide Bargate which, obviously, means buses can no longer use the precinct.

I fully expected there would be complaints about people having to walk from the Market Place drop-off point down to the interchange in Wide Bargate – but so far nothing appears to have upset anyone.

So, if that’s the case, is it not time for the council to reconsider whether to stop them altogether? If passengers can walk on Wednesdays and Saturdays with little apparent inconvenience, why not the rest of the time? Shop assistants in the precinct would probably appreciate losing the continual beep-beep every time a bus goes past.

While we’re at it, has anyone noticed how many passengers actually pay to ride on the buses? I have no doubt that the service is a boon to pensioners and those who can use their passes, but bearing in mind how much the service costs, would it be asking too much if such passengers were asked to pay a fixed nominal amount of, say, 10p a trip? The present economic crisis means ‘we’re all in it together’ so a small contribution would perhaps go some way to helping council coffers.

While I’m talking about council coffers, did anyone see the interesting item on East Midlands Today about a proposal by Nottinghamshire County Council to dual a stretch of road near Nottingham and the consequent uproar from a small town nearby which has been asking for a bypass for years (know anywhere else in a similar position?)?

The town’s argument is that as everyone pays a fixed amount in county council rates every year they should all be expecting a similar service, but instead all the significant road improvements appear to benefit Nottingham and nowhere else.

Should Boston not use the same arguments and get on to Lincolnshire County Council a bit smartish, pointing out how much appears to be going on round Lincoln compared to the rest of the county? After all, we all pay the same rates to the county – don’t we?