OBSERVER: I can assure you all I do care deeply for the town


While thanking Daniel Elkington for using his crystal ball last week and predicting what I was going to talk about this week I’m afraid he was very wide of my thoughts. In fact, I’m more a fan of than I was before.

And so as not to disappoint you I would just point out that the PRSA problem is still going to cost ratepayers money and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future – despite your council’s efforts.

I’d like to comment on Mike Sharp’s letter instead: I was being a little cynical in putting ‘improvement’ 
for my comment about 
the new initiative for the Market Place.

When you have had so many alterations there – none of which seem to have improved the look – it’s a little difficult to show any enthusiasm for even more work. And did I really say this will drive shops away? I don’t think so! All I said was that some national chains may not be amenable to changing a ‘corporate image’: if they are agreeable then there’s no problem. Let’s hope that’s the case, for we all know we can’t afford to lose even more shops. But I still maintain that there have been so many new ideas put forward to improve the town which have not come to fruition that I’ll believe it when I see it.

Some critics still don’t believe I care about the future of the town: I do – I’ve lived here all my life and regret the way it has become, that’s why I tend to criticise so much.

Incidentally, did you note that there was no booklet with the borough tax notification this week? There’s usually one telling us where our money goes, but – probably in an effort to save money – if you are interested you have to download one from the council website. Great if you are on the internet. Not so good if you aren’t! And do the council really think most residents wouldn’t be able to afford an increase of much less than 10p a week, which is roughly what a 1.9 per cent increase works out at.

Stand by for the calculators coming out to prove me wrong!