OBSERVER: I cannot agree with defeated BID chairman


It seems the defeated chairman of Boston BID and I are set to disagree again! A few weeks ago he replied to my comments about the organisation and no doubt he will find it necessary to reply to what I am about to write concerning the recent election.

Of course he is going to hit out against those who decided to vote ‘no’ to another few years of the BID: as chairman he obviously has to defend his own organisation but some of his comments must surely have upset some of those he criticised.

There are still many small shops in Boston – thank goodness – and they must have been disappointed to read that he feels ‘you shouldn’t be in business’ if you argue over £100. That amount of money could quite possibly represent a decent profit for those small shops, especially at this particular time. The votes of the individual traders lost the vote, he says: perhaps they were making a point?

Big businesses didn’t get anything out of BID apparently; they were doing it for the community. Is there any reason why they shouldn’t continue to ‘do it for the community’ outside of BID? And why should he think this will be the last year the town will be decorated for Christmas? The town usually got decorated in some way or other long before BID arrived on the scene.

Just as a matter of interest could Mr Ellis tell us what the £10,000 the BID received from the Portas saga was spent on? I don’t recall any publicity about the funds being used; if not already spent might that not go towards this Christmas at least?

Finally, is there really any need for a call for a recount of 239 votes? It doesn’t say much for the organisation responsible for counting the votes if they made a mistake in such a small number. Sour grapes, throwing the baby out the pram – use any phrase you like it boils down to the fact that the (small) businesses got their way.