OBSERVER: I do occasionally praise the council you know


Our flooding took place almost two months ago, but we can certainly sympathise with the folks in Somerset who are going through the same experiences – if not worse – that we suffered.

Much has been made there about the fact that the rivers are not dredged as they used to be and to some extent the same applies here.

I can never remember the Haven or Witham being dredged but can certainly recall many of the drains being regularly cleaned out.

At least Somerset appears to be getting the help they need, sandbags being supplied as and when they are needed. But not here! People are still struggling and some are still not yet back in their homes.

And it seems no sandbags are going to be supplied because we have ‘the potential for over 18,000 homes to be flooded’. In case no one at the council has noticed, nowhere near that total was actually flooded! That doesn’t mean the ones that were have to be denied in the future.

And so I turn to Coun Richmond. Well, sir, you obviously don’t read my column as you say I have never supported the council. I was very complimentary to the council, and the Mayor in particular, in my column the week after the flood. I’ve also on a number of occasions complimented council workers in the Central Park for their efforts.

Perhaps he’s upset that most of my criticism is angled at the particular services for which he is responsible; that’s probably unfortunate. I’m not criticising him in particular; I know he’s not to blame that his are the issues which most people in the town complain about.

I can definitely state that I am not a paid-up member of the Labour Party; if my columns are ill-informed it’s perhaps because the council don’t seem able to give pertinent reasons for some of their decisions.

My comments – pinned on the council notice board – are ignored, he says; so how does he know what I write about? By the way, Coun Richmond, there may be more than one Observer! I may even help to write the online Sentinel column!