OBSERVER: I don’t agree with Quadrant action group’s points


I was a little intrigued by the comments in last week’s letter from the Wyberton Quadrant Action Group.

In a democratic country such as ours people have a right to protest and there’s no doubt that the proposal regarding the future of Boston United’s ground is one which is likely to get varying points of view.

However, I do have to take the group to task over a couple of comments in its letter, as it seems to be falling into the old trap of letting themselves be accused of ‘scaremongering’. The most important one is where it seems to be suggesting that if the capacity of the ground is increased to 5,000 this will lead to 5,000 cars being parked there! I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that to get available grants the ground has to be capable of accommodating this size of crowd.

The group obviously doesn’t realise, or seemingly doesn’t want to, that there will be nowhere near that number of cars arriving for games: people do share cars these days, and there will no doubt be buses bringing away supporters to games.

The second point is that they seem to think the ground should be the other side of the town. Is this the old chestnut about the PRSA being suitable, so why don’t they go there?

I notice on the group’s website that there was a comment that if the proposal was accepted it would soon lead to Wyberton and Boston merging into each other. If they were to look around them, I think they may find that that has already happened!

Can you tell where Boston finishes and Wyberton starts?

Perhaps they should wait until all the necessary reports are published before deciding one way or the other.