OBSERVER: I stand by my criticism of the PRSA

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

A letter from Dennis Bell criticised my recently comments about the PRSA, particularly my ‘prejudiced’ views – I presume his comments are not ‘prejudiced’.

At the time the PRSA – or Dabsi as it was in its early stages – was first contemplated, much was made by the then council that once built there would be no cost to the ratepayer. Grants could be obtained once building was under way and I believe the council did agree to put money into the project to get it ‘off the floor’.

However, when the first stage was completed it was agreed the council put more money in to make sure the equipment used for building could be kept on site for the second stage.

And we, the ratepayers, have been putting money into the venture ever since.

Right, Mr Bell, we now have a commercial business (presumably making money) providing services for a gym.

The rugby club, to all intents and purposes, appear to use the premises as its headquarters.

You say the indoor hall is full every evening with a range of activities. The services to the disabled cannot be replicated elsewhere in the area: I believe that was the purpose in the first place.

All appear to be subsidised by the council. It’s the reason I believe the council should turn it over to the present incumbents and get it off their books: they should pay their own way, the same as other organisations have to.

When it was being built, we were informed that there would be national and world-class events for the disabled on a regular basis. Apart from Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, who often visits, can you name any other well-known Paralympics stars to have visited, or any ‘national’ or ‘world class’ events that have taken place?

You say ‘the current PRSA set up gives the most efficient and effective operation possible, now being copied by many other authorities’. It will be if the local ratepayers keep putting money into it!

I have no doubt that other sporting clubs in the town – Boston United, Boston Town, the cricket club and many, many others – would love to have the same regular donations.