OBSERVER: Immigration, blooms and chewing gum


The recent figures on immigration in this area make interesting reading, apart from the view of some people that they appear woefully low to what we perceive.

However, it appears that the majority of our incomers – according to East Midlands figures – are (in order) from Poland, Germany, India, Pakistan and Ireland; no reference to Russians, Latvians or Lithuanians or any other parts of that particular area of Eastern Europe.

Looking at the number of new shops set up it would appear that those three particular countries have more than their share of shops in Boston.

It’s a shame that the figures don’t show a borough-by-borough level.

I have to say that on my various trips into town I have very rarely heard Irish or German accents but there’s certainly been a lot of others.

No matter what, now these figures have been released it does prove what many in this area have been saying for some time, that we have a lot of immigrants.

So perhaps a few bums might be taken off seats down West Street and moved to Lincoln and Westminster to state our case more forcibly.

That is, of course, if they can get rid of their concern about ‘rocking the boat’ too much.

l Last year Boston won a silver award, I believe, in the Britain in Bloom contest. On that basis the town should get gold this year!

The park staff, in particular, must be congratulated on the work they have done to show off the park to its best advantage, and it is good to see the precinct tidied up a little and looking at its best (apart from the buses, that is).

But what a pity we have to wait for a competition to be on the horizon before the chewing gum machine is brought out of retirement.

Although it seems to be doing a good job, it shows how dirty the pavements have become.

Perhaps we could stretch to spending a bit of money on power-washing the main pavements?