OBSERVER: Interesting year to come politically


People in Boston certainly made their voice heard in the Euro election didn’t they? Whether you love them or hate them there can be no doubt that UKIP struck a nerve with their views on the single topic that probably winds up a number of Bostonians more than anything else – immigration.

The message has struck home to all politicians, both in government and opposition.

There is no doubt that if voting went the same way at a General Election – and I doubt that it would – we would have a different MP representing us.

And the message has certainly been heard here in the town, with our council leader commenting that MP Mark Simmonds (both from the Conservative party) is not spending enough time in the town. But might Coun Bedford also have been looking over his shoulder at the results coming in? Perhaps he realised that the general results show he and the council need to think about what Bostonians are unhappy with: parking (and charges), toilets, the Market Place and so on.

At one time it was said that if the Conservatives put anyone up for election in Boston they would get elected: that doesn’t appear to be the case at the moment, but there’s a year to go before the General Election.

After polling over 52 per cent of the total vote in Boston, UKIP will have time to show they have policies – both nationally and locally – other than on immigration. A protest vote brings politicians to their senses. It’s going to be an interesting year to look forward to!


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