OBSERVER: Is Boston being left in the shade by its neighbours?

FOR a number of years we and friends from North Yorkshire and the Midlands have visited each other on a regular basis and it was our turn to entertain last week.

There’s never any problem when we visit them – certainly no shortage of places of interest. But when I looked on the internet at a number of local places we hoped to visit it appears that Lincolnshire ‘closes down’ after October!

However, as one couple arrived a day later than the other, we decided on a visit to Lincoln and it was certainly a success, although Steep Hill did prove a little problem to those of us not used to having to walk up hills.

A day later, with all present, we decided on a visit to Spalding. Again, a success, with our guests more than surprised that two car parks facing each other offered free parking for either two or three hours; perhaps Boston council could ask them how they manage to do that? They certainly seem to be attracting the shoppers.

As for Boston itself, the fact that the Market Place looked like a building site didn’t really help matters but on the whole our friends were quite impressed with the Stump and more than impressed with Boston Sausage shop!

We also noticed that the lights in Lincoln appeared quite attractive, while the Spalding ones were not to be switched on till later in the week (with two nights entertainment, apparently) and while not yet switched on, the Boston set looked as though they may be a little better than last year’s.

However, our friends couldn’t quite get over the fact that the more ‘colourful’ of the Boston lights were in the Market Place (the building site). Mind you, those from North Yorkshire commented they compared favourably with those in Hull.

I have no doubt that the organisers of the Boston switch-on have done their best and no disrespect to them but when you seen what other places have done to welcome Christmas it puts our own efforts in the shade.

If the lights we now have cost £35,000 there will obviously be no need for the same expenditure next year so perhaps money could be spent on a more ambitious programme.