OBSERVER: It didn’t take long for yet another ‘inprovement’


After the last ‘refurbishment’ or ‘improvement’ of the Market Place I asked, tongue in cheek, how long we would have to wait for the next version?

Well, last week, my question was answered: the county council is to replace our lovely planters with bollards, set close together to prevent vehicles getting through.

Despite the vast number of complaints about the planters, which never seemed to be in the same position two weeks running, our town centre portfolio holder claims they have been a success in providing separation to an area of the Market Place, which according to Historic England is the most significant in the region. Now I wouldn’t want to argue with an authority as high as Historic England, but I’m sure there are other market places in the area which don’t look as higgledy-piggledy as ours!

It’s also interesting to note that the bollards, which will be about three feet high, if they are to be similar to those in South Square, will be installed over a period of two months with no work on market days (thankfully!) or during any events (what events?). Apart from Transported I haven’t seen or heard of any other ‘events’ taking place despite the promises of ‘entertainment’ on a regular basis.

No matter what you do to ‘improve’ the Market Place, many people – mostly of the older generation – still wish to see the area returned to what it used to be: a place to park your car to do your shopping, with defined areas for vehicles and pedestrians. It’s certainly not that, and hasn’t been since they started all the ‘improvements’.

As for the latest idea, it’s a load of bollards!

I’m comforted by the claim of our borough council leader that the council is continuing to work hard on less money.

Also interesting to read about attendance at a meeting to hear of plans to hand down more power to councils. Unfortunately his idea of a Number One priority doesn’t tally with many residents’ hopes; just imagine if we are all included in one big area – Boston will get nothing without strong representation for our needs: we won’t get it from the present incumbents.