OBSERVER: It didn’t take long to need Market Place fix did it?

Well, I was wrong in my estimation of how long it would be before our brand new ‘improved’ Market Place was changed!

I think I forecast an alteration in about three years’ time – but, sure to form – we have just had the announcement that there are to be changes, starting this week.

According to the council website these ‘improvements’ are due to feedback and assessment. According to the report in The Standard it was due to concerns that the area is dangerous and confusing – a more apt description.

At least action is being taken, but didn’t it take a long while for it to be discovered that things aren’t as they should be? Obviously the powers that be took little or no notice of the various letters and comments sent to the local papers. Or was it that they didn’t want to upset their ‘masters’ at county hall?

Speaking of which, it seems that Coun Mike Gilbert is anxious to keep the council, and local voters, ‘on side’ with his letter concerning the Into Town bus service.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking it wrong that these buses should continue to use Narrow Bargate.

I don’t for one minute accept Coun Gilbert’s assertion that we must consider ‘some facts,’ which appear to be that the elderly and disabled would have to walk between the stops in the Market Place and Bargate; and that five bus drivers would lose their jobs – why? Buses would still run.

I take it, then, that the elderly and disabled using the service at the moment get off the bus in the Market Place, do their shopping, and then get on the bus to the Bargate stop to do their shopping there. I don’t think so.

What is wrong with the buses just turning round in the Market Place and in Bargate and doing the reverse journeys, thus alleviating the need to go through Narrow Bargate?

Nothing – but the county says we must do it, and it will get its way.

I can see the time coming when we find the county have taken over the borough council and we have a couple of councillors who may put forward our case.