OBSERVER: It’s about time councillors listened to you over the Market Place and parking

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

It is to be hoped that Coun Richmond – along with the rest of the borough councillors – read the letters in last week’s paper regarding his comments on car parking charges.

Why is it that no matter what people in the town say, councillors always seem to think they know best? They are there to represent the ratepayers, not pay lip service to their political party, and in recent times there is the perception (that word again!) that all they do is just agree to what the county council say.

I believe a majority of people in the town do not think the Market Place ‘improvement’ is in any way such. We have lost more than we have gained in parking income, the area is still an accident waiting to happen, and despite the parking enforcement officers (who cannot be there all the time) people still appear to park where they wish.

Coun Richmond’s comment about free parking at out of town supermarkets and large stores was laughable! How many people does he really think would park there and then spend up to an hour walking into town and the same on the way back? And I don’t think there are regular buses to that particular area.

Yet it is ‘our’ fault the council lose money!

It’s a sad indictment of the town that so much rubbish has been picked up by volunteers in the Big Clean-up. And the fact that it takes place every year only serves to give the impression that we’re not bothered about keeping the town litter-free.

I understand the volunteers made a particularly big impression in the Willoughby Road area. While congratulating them, I have to say I was always under the impression that part of our council tax was supposed to go on this type of work.

Wrong again!

A local county councillor has aspirations to enter parliament, but is still adamant that if she wins she will still continue to represent her ward at Lincoln.

And it was quite interesting to see that she would raise matters with government ministers regarding Boston, if she gets in. I was under the impression we already had someone who is supposed to do that for us!