OBSERVER: It’s great to win the lottery..just a shame it’s for the wrong reasons

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The lottery windfall for Boston is to be welcomed, although the fact is was awarded because of ‘high levels of poverty, obesity and the low number of adults with qualifications’ should be regretted.

In some ways it’s a pity the money doesn’t come all at the same time as I’m sure the number one priority which would benefit the whole of the town would be the building of new toilets near the Market Place.

I still can’t believe that anyone needing the ‘facilities’ while at the market now has to walk to the bus station or down Bargate – not exactly ‘convenient’ is it?

However, I’m sure there will be many projects which will benefit and at least it won’t be going to the council as such – cynics would probably be expecting another increase in allowances.

I see the council has also made savings of £2 million with the comment from the portfolio holder that the finances are unrecognisable from two years ago.

It is to be hoped that with savings like that things should be better.

But in fact it’s not £2 million saved as such; it’s £2 million in cuts to services.

The old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly doesn’t seem to ring true in Boston. I’ve certainly seen no drop in my council tax bill, but I have seen a cut in services.

Street cleaning in my area is practically non-existent and, when a visit is made, the brushes on the machine are so far above the road that very little is cleaned up – hence the gutters being clogged up lately because of the volume of leaves.

Cuts that have been made don’t appear to affect the PRSA or the Geoff Moulder pool as much as anywhere else in the town, despite promises from successive councils that they would ‘sort it’.

That’s the problem: no one seems as though they want to change it, despite the promises.

Some things will never change – at least I can wish my reader a Happy Christmas! Bah humbug!