OBSERVER: Judges should turn up to Boston unannounced


It’s that time of the year when the Britain in Bloom competition is with us again, so the council put their best foot forward and make a floral show for the judges to see what a pretty town Boston is.

At least I think that’s the theory behind it. However, it seems only those parts of the town the judges see will be spruced up; I think that was what happened last year.

As the council is told well in advance when the judges will be here, that is the time for those parts of the town the council wish to show off to get the ‘makeover’ to impress the judges. Would it not be better if the warning wasn’t given? That way all the town could be cleaned up.

So the judges won’t see those parts where no clean-up is done, where weeds are left at the sides of pavements and roads. I have to say I have no problem with the park being targeted, and again I pay tribute to the staff there who always seem to be on the ball as far as tidying up goes (even though they are not allowed to spend all their time there).

But if these awards are to have any significance – other than presenting photo opportunities to councillors – surely the judges should just turn up unannounced to do their inspection? That way all the town will have to have a makeover and everyone will benefit. Other towns can seem to do it, why not here?

The news that peregrine falcon chicks have hatched at The Stump should be welcomed: if approached in the right way it could actually be a draw for visitors at this particular time each year. It is to be hoped a sponsor is quickly found so things are put in place ready for next year to show the hoped-for return of the falcons and their new brood.

This hatching is the sort of thing that doesn’t happen very often in the centre of many towns: Lincoln Cathedral already has it as an attraction, so Boston should make sure they don’t miss out.