OBSERVER: Let’s encourage businesses to help brighten up Boston

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Many of us when we reach a certain age tend to look back and think about things as they used to be.

Of course, we are often not in a position to bring some of those things into the present but I’m certain that if we gave enough time and thought to it we might be able to do so.

The reason I mention this is because of a conversation I recently had with a friend I have known for more years than I like to think about!

We were standing in the precinct and discussing how the town now looks compared to the time we were youngsters. She’s certainly not Observer Mk II but some of the things she mentioned I have to say I fully agree with.

The town recently had a visit from the Britain in Bloom people and she thought not enough was being done in the town in general to make it look more attractive.

The flower troughs in the precinct look very nice, certainly a credit to the people who sponsored them, but this is where she brought up the question: Why doesn’t the council try to get more companies to sponsor flower displays in the town? Surely someone could be seconded to take charge of this?

She made the point that when visiting other similar-sized towns there was no doubt the councils involved had been able to persuade local firms and shops to sponsor displays – roundabouts were usually local garden centres willing to show their displays, most of the shops had hanging flower baskets and where there were parks these had obviously had a lot of care and time spent on them and many of the displays in them had been sponsored apparently by local organisations.

It was, therefore, pleasing to read recently that the borough is at last to spend some money – or at least some time – in trying to improve the look of the Central Park which, after all, is one thing of which the town can be proud.

The park employees have done wonders in recent months but if they don’t get the money and support they can’t work miracles.