OBSERVER: Looks like Conservatives haven’t learned the lessons of election defeat

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

I suppose after the disastrous results for the local Conservatives at the recent county elections it was to be expected that they would be far from happy.

However, they still don’t seem to fully understand why they were defeated so convincingly. It’s true UKIP must have picked up votes from people who are unhappy with the present situation in the town, but to read that the vote ‘could harm Boston’s relationship with County Hall’ seems to make it even clearer that the defeated candidates still cannot understand that many Boston residents were unhappy with the way they apparently agreed to everything the county decided was good for the town.

There appeared to be no objection from our former representatives regarding the Market Place ‘revamp’; no objection to the county’s insistence that, no matter what, Lincoln’s problems should always take priority.

As I’ve often said before, we in Boston pay exactly the same rates to the county as everyone else – but we seem to get very little back in return. Or should I say anything we would really welcome.

No one seems to know where the county and borough boundaries are regarding many things, and the one thing bugging most people is still the Market Place. Is it the county who makes the decisions on what should be done there regarding parking (it seems to be they who made the decision on the ‘revamp’ and its consequent problems); or is it the borough who decides?

The letter from James Fairman last week brings new concerns to the problems concerning the traffic coming from the Market Place. As he says, there is currently a 20mph speed limit from the Market Place. In fact, there is a 20mph speed limit IN the Market Place but it doesn’t stop some drivers ignoring it.

And to add a little more into the mix: did anyone really suffer as buses failed to go on their regular run through the precinct last week because of the May Fair? Of course not. If people could walk through then with no problem, why not stop it altogether now?