OBSERVER: Market stalls, ‘art’ and parking ideas


In the past I have been critical of the lack of market stalls on the Green on Wednesdays. Well, I have to say there appears to have been a big improvement as last Wednesday it was ‘heaving’!

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Market Place which still seems to be nothing like its former life – there are still empty stalls and the fact they are so far apart gives the impression of too much space.

Mind you, as we’re in the middle of the tourist season you would imagine the market to be filled both days!

If you are a lover of ‘art’ you will probably have noticed several of the displays put on by Transported.

I have nothing against this organisation at all: good luck to them in what they are doing. But are some of their offerings really ‘art’? No disrespect but I noticed recently an artist’s impression of the Stump appeared to be nothing more than squiggles.

One of my regular complaints – together with probably 90 per cent of the town’s population – remains the parking situation. You have to wonder if anyone at West Street (or should that be Lincolnshire County Council?) is actually aware that cars still park against the planters, or even, on occasion, double park.

With the much-applauded CCTV system we have in operation is it not possible for councillors or officers to have a look at the screens to see what is happening?

Still on parking: my son often goes across to Skegness for shows at the Embassy.

Last Christmas he was amazed to find free parking after 6pm but put it down to the fact it was a ‘slack’ period. But no! A recent visit found it is still free parking on the car park there after 6pm – ideal for visitors to shows.

And a former colleague who visited Bridlington a couple of weeks ago reports it was free parking on the cliffs just outside the town: a parking meter was there but apparently it is not in operation in the 

Nice to see not all councils are after our money.